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Natural Sealers

Slate Sandstone Granite Cleaners and joint Compounds

Natural Paving

Undoubtedly a hallmark of quality in hard landscaping, nothing makes quite the same impact as natural paving. Whether it is a blue-black Coniston slate or imported sandstone, quarried paving adds that indefinable and undeniable touch of authenticity.

Our premium grade natural paving sealers both protect and in many cases also enhance natural paved surfaces. For example, sandstone paving is naturally absorbent and may benefit from sealing to reduce the incidence of moss and green mould which thrive on moisture laden surfaces.

Slate surfaces are less absorbent but often look at their best when wet so a satin sealer (K-Seal TOTAL) which mimics this "look" can greatly enhance the dry weather appearance of some natural paving types.

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