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Man Made Sealers: Cleaners

This selection of paving cleaners deliver a high quality clean to manufactured or man made paving - removing moss, mould, dirt, grime and oil stains.

Max-Strength Patio Cleaner

Max-Strength Patio Cleaner

5 Litres - £12.95 +VAT

“K-Seal Max-Strength Patio Cleaner” is a professional acid cleaner designed to remove ingrained dirt and stubborn stains from a wide variety of paving...

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Kingfisher Pressure Washer

Kingfisher Pressure Washer

£1,446.00 +VAT

This professional power washer is simple to operate and easy to maintain. Each power washer is supplied to you ready set up with 100ft of hose. The...

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K-Seal Bio-Wash Patio Cleaner (Moss &   Mould Killer)

K-Seal Bio-Wash Patio Cleaner (Moss & Mould Killer)

25 Litres Ready to use - £39.69 +VAT 5 Litres Ready to use - £8.82 +VAT 1 Litre Concentrate - £5.25 +VAT

Kingfisher's K-Seal Patio Cleaner is a ready to use, bio-degradable patio and driveway cleaner designed to give rapid and effective removal of all alg...

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Driveway Oil Stain Remover

Driveway Oil Stain Remover

5 Litres - £38.00 +VAT 1 Litre - £9.20 +VAT

Excellent for removing oil and grease stains from porous surfaces, such as most paving stones, slabs, pathways, drives and patios. Use to remove spot ...

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Deck Scrubbing Brush

Deck Scrubbing Brush

9" - £5.87 +VAT

Our deck scrubbing brush comes complete with pole. Its close bristle profile is ideal for cleaning dirty block paving and removing stubborn marks and ...

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Biocidal-Wash (Moss &  Mould Inhibitor)

Biocidal-Wash (Moss & Mould Inhibitor)

5 Litres Concentrate - £19.48 +VAT

Control Moss, Mildew & Green Mould! Kingfisher's Bio-Wash Patio & Roof Cleaner is a moss inhibitor and patio/roof cleaner, dilute with wa...

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Bio 3 Concrete &  Stone Cleaner

Bio 3 Concrete & Stone Cleaner

5 Litres - £15.00 +VAT 25 Litres - £67.50 +VAT

Kingfisher Bio 3 uses the very latest in non-ionic technology to produce a unique cleaner, which responds to the professional needs of contractors and...

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