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Max-Strength Patio Cleaner Max-Strength Patio Cleaner

Max-Strength Patio Cleaner Max-Strength Patio Cleaner

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Due to ADR regs on transport of flammables we can only send 25L drums of solvent product via premium rate special carrier, hence minimum FREE carriage order is 4 x 25L or ring for a quote. Alternatively, you can still collect single 25L drums at our Ulverston or Glasgow trade counters.

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Industrial Patio Cleaner

K-Seal Max-Strength Patio Cleaner is a professional patio cleaner. It is designed to remove ingrained dirt and stubborn stains from a wide variety of paving surfaces including:

  • Block paving
  • Concrete slabs
  • Concrete
  • Stone flags (Including Indian Sandstone)

As a strong patio and pavement cleaner, it is effective at cleaning and removing dirt and grime as well as moss algae. It can be used on natural stone, concrete and brickwork so it is perfect for cleaning down patios. This patio acid has the versatility to be used on light and dark coloured materials without affecting its colour.

Strong Patio Cleaner

Patio paving is used for the majority of modern homes, being used for paths, driveways and in gardens. No matter how much you spend on your patio, they all require maintenance to ensure they look at their best. This professional patio cleaner will make your paving slabs look like new.

Cleaning patio paving can be demanding if you are not using a high quality, strong patio cleaner. That is where we come in, manufacturing one of the best professional acid cleaners available. Cleaning your paving couldn’t be easier with our block paving cleaning products. We go the extra mile to provide only the best products available to guarantee outstanding results. We have a wealth of experience developing block paving cleaning products, ensuring a first-class product. So, whether you need a concrete slab cleaner or a pavement cleaner, Kingfishers Industrial Patio Cleaner will always impress.

How to use our Professional Patio Cleaner

For general cleaning, dilute K-Seal Cleaner to 3:1 with clean water, then liberally apply to the surface. Allow to "stand" for 10 minutes, scrubbing occasionally with a deck scrubbing brush or stiff bristle broom. Agitate the surface thoroughly with the brush and then rinse gently with a low-pressure garden hose (not pressure washer). Note: When applying the product, only decant into a plastic bucket. Also, when diluting always put the water in first and then add our strong patio cleaner. For stubborn contaminants apply "neat" to the affected area and repeat the "agitate/ rinse" process.

Important: K-Seal Acid Paving Cleaner is an aggressive cleaning agent and it is imperative that the product is tested for surface compatibility on a small discreet area prior to full application.

Keep pets and children away until the surface has been rinsed. Always wear protective gloves, goggles and footwear when working with the product. We recommend that the cleaned surface is subsequently treated with a protective sealer such as K-Seal Total or Imprintseal.

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