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Block &  Paving Sealer (K-Seal) Block &  Paving Sealer (K-Seal)

Block &  Paving Sealer (K-Seal) Block & Paving Sealer (K-Seal)

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Coverage: 5-7 sq m / litre
Application: By brush/roller
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The ultimate trade trusted SATIN finish paving sealer, K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer protects, enhances colour and inhibits organic growth. Suitable for:

  • Paver Blocks
  • Black Limestone
  • Sandstone Paving
  • Concrete Paving
  • York stone
  • Granite Paving
  • Slate Paving and More

K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer is easy to apply by roller, brush or solvent resistant sprayer. It is the choice of professional applicators because unlike cheaper water-based alternatives, this block paving sealer provides genuine long-term protection. It can last for up to four years and really brings out the colour in weathered paving, especially black limestone.

Block paving driveways and patios have increased in popularity but can often be exposed to the elements. This means that over time, signs of wear, tear and degradation can damage the appearance of your block paving. Luckily, Kingfisher have you covered with a block paving sealer that will enhance appearance and resistance.

Block Paving Sealer

Formulated using only premium grade acrylic resins, K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer repels both oil stains from vehicles and fatty stains from barbecue spills. This block paving sealer also penetrates deep into the surface. Helping protect against water and frost damage and inhibits the growth of algae, weeds and moss. K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer is easy to maintain and top-up in subsequent years as required with no risk of yellowing or cracking.

So, preserve the life of your paving today with our high-quality block paving sealer. Please contact us for more information and advice regarding the K-Seal Block & Paving Sealer.

Can be used on:

Block Paving

Imprinted Concrete

Manufactured Paving

Natural Paving
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