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Block Fill - Narrow Joint Sand Compound Block Fill - Narrow Joint Sand Compound

Block Fill - Narrow Joint Sand Compound Block Fill - Narrow Joint Sand Compound - Buff sand

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Selected Colour: Buff sand
Application: Soft bristle broom
Product Code: 76BF

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Block Paving Filler

TOP-UP sand joints & STOP WEEDS.

Unlike kiln dried sand, Kingfisher Block Fill is a moisture curing grout which will not wash out and also inhibits weed growth. Easy brush-in application to joints of 5mm or less for clean, dry block filled paving and patios.

Working on all types of block paving, this block paving filler is quicker than traditional methods and easy to use. Its effectiveness and durability are second to none, simply add water to form tough elastic joints with exceptional adhesion.

Paving Sand

The end product of using our narrow joint sand compound will be a paving gap that is totally filled. That means that there is no need for kneeling and compressing the material. This treatment will last for many, many years, performing much better than traditional jointing methods.

We have a wealth of experience developing our paving sand, which ensures a high-quality product. So, if you are looking for a block paving filler that will exceed expectations, look no further than Kingfisher.

Please note, this product must be used in conjuction with Kingfisher K-Seal Total or Kingfisher Restore-A-Drive for best results.

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