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Restore-A-Drive Coloured Block Sealer Restore-A-Drive Coloured Block Sealer

Restore-A-Drive Coloured Block Sealer Restore-A-Drive Coloured Block Sealer - Buff

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Selected Colour: Buff
Coverage: 5-7 sq m / litre
Application: brush/ roller
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Restore Patio Paint

  • All-in-one driveway resurfacing treatment
  • Block sealer & colour restorer
  • Manufactured using only premium grade resins, lightfast pigments and hydrocarbon solvents
  • New look finish for up to 4 years
  • Ease of application by roller, brush or spray
  • Protects against moss and algal growth

Restore-A-Drive is our amazing new all-in-one driveway resurfacing treatment that acts as both a block sealer and a colour restorer. Developed at our Lakeland factory especially for resurfacing faded block paving and patio flags, Restore-A-Drive brings back the bright pleasing colours of new paving that sun, rain and frost wash away. It is as easy to apply as our clear patio sealer (K-Seal Total) and has an amazing transformational effect, especially on tired, distressed block paving.

Make your block paving look like new with this outstanding block sealer. It is available in two different colours, Anthracite and Red/Brindle, ensuring to meet customer needs. Kingfishers restore patio paint is available at very competitive prices, offering unrivalled value for money for the quality provided.

Can block paving be painted?

Apply a single coat of Restore-A-Drive evenly by brush or roller. Make sure that the paving is completely dry before applying Restore-A-Drive and that rain is not expected within 48 hours of application. Important! Restore-A-Drive is a translucent sealer and therefore the treated surface cures to a darker shade than the liquid. Always test on a small discreet area before proceeding to a full application (testers available).

For best results pre-treat your paving with K-Seal Patio Cleaner to remove stains, moss, algae and lichens, and top up any gaps using Block Fill or Geofix before using Restore-A-Drive and finish with a coat of Ultimate Topcoat to provide enhanced protection and longevity (allow Restore-A-Drive 7 days to cure).

Can be used on:

Block Paving

Imprinted Concrete

Manufactured Paving

Natural Paving
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