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Biocidal-Wash (Moss &  Mould Inhibitor) Biocidal-Wash (Moss &  Mould Inhibitor)

Biocidal-Wash (Moss &  Mould Inhibitor) Biocidal-Wash (Moss & Mould Inhibitor)

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Coverage: 5L makes 25L, treats 125 sqm
Application: Garden Sprayer / Deck scrubber
Product Code: 72

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Moss Killer for Roofs

  • Remove mould, algae, moss & lichens from external walls
  • Restores colour of existing external surfaces
  • Improves adhesion quality of decorative coatings
  • Concentrated formula gives you more cleaning power in a smaller package

Kingfisher Biocidal-Wash is a deeply penetrating aqueous biocide solution which removes moulds, algae, moss and lichens from external walls. It can be used to restore the colour of existing external surfaces or as a preparation to improve the adhesion quality for a proposed decorative coating. If you are looking for a moss killer for roofs, this product is second to none.

Biocide Moss Killer

The growth of mosses, lichens and algae can cause many different problems to a range of surfaces. Thatís why we supply a high-quality biocidal wash to combat algae and moss growth. The biocidal wash destroys all micro-organisms due to its synergistic formulation which displays a large spectrum of activity and a maximum efficiency of treatment.

The concentrated formula means you get more cleaning power in a smaller package. Dilute 1-part Biocidal Wash with 4 parts clean water then apply using a brush a low-pressure spray ensuring thorough wetting. Leave for 5 or 6 hours or preferably overnight for full biocidal action to develop and then remove any residual debris by brushing or power washing.

As a roof moss killer, the Kingfisher biocidal wash is very effective and will always impress. It is suitable for a wide range of materials which includes brickwork, tile, stone and much more. We have a wealth of experience developing professional roof and surface cleaning products, ensuring effective and reliable products.

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